Cisco Maintenance

Maintenance and global support in cisco equipment with certified and experienced professionals.



• Unlimited Presence Attendance
• Unlimited Remote Assistance
• Ticket opening via email
• IT Product Quotes
• Hotline
• SLA'S Report

  • We provide Networking Solutions for your business including capacity mapping and sizing, maturation services, equipment deployments, management and security of the deployed infrastructure
  • CISCO - Corrective and preventive maintenance with global support 24/7 - 365 on servers
  • Real-time ticket updates 24 hours a day with trilingual call center.

Cisco Product Resale

We sell all Cisco devices on the market.
Send us your request. Our team will send the budget without any commitment.

Cisco Routing

We work with all Cisco routers.
Professionals specializing in maintenance, repair, installation and configuration of Cisco routers.

Reduced maintenance costs and cisco products.

Identify the positives and correct the bad points in order to meet the new market demands and satisfaction of our customers, building a lasting relationship.

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